On the class of pointwise and integrally loaded differential equations


  • K.R. Aida-zade
  • V.M. Abdullayev




integro-differential equation, system of loaded equations, integral conditions, conditions of existence and uniqueness


We investigate a system of linear ordinary differential equations containing point and integral loadings with nonlocal boundary conditions. Boundary conditions include integral and point values of the unknown function. An essential feature of the problem is that the kernels of the integral terms in the differential equations depend only on the integration variable. It is shown that similar problems arise during feedback control of objects with both lumped and distributed parameters during point and integral measurements of the current state for the controllable object. The problem statement considered in the paper generalizes a lot of previously studied problems regarding loaded differential equations with nonlocal boundary conditions. By introducing auxiliary parameters, we obtain necessary conditions for the existence and uniqueness of a solution to the problem under consideration. To solve the problem numerically, we propose to use a representation of the solution to the original problem, which includes four matrix functions that are solutions to four auxiliary Cauchy problems. Using solutions to the auxiliary problems in boundary conditions, we obtain the values of the unknown function at the loading points. This is enough to get the desired solution. The paper describes the application of the method using the example of solving a test model problem.