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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Mathematics series. № 2(110)/2023

Download the full version of the Journal / DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2023-110-2


  • Adil N., Berdyshev A.S. Spectral properties of local and nonlocal problems for the diffusion-wave equation of fractional order / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/4-20
  • Aisagaliev S., Korpebay G.T. Controllability and optimal speed-in-action of linear systems with boundary conditions / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/21-34
  • Attaev A.Kh. On Some Non-local Boundary Value and Internal Boundary Value Problems for the String Oscillation Equation / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/35-44
  • Basheyeva A.O., Lutsak S.M. On quasi-identities of finite modular lattices. II / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/45-52
  • Bokayev N.А., Gogatishvili A., Abek А.N. Cones generated by a generalized fractional maximal function / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/53-62
  • Dekhkonov F.N. Boundary control problem for the heat transfer equation associated with heating process of a rod / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/63-71
  • Kosmakova M.T., Izhanova K.A., Kasymova L.Zh. A fractionally loaded boundary value problem two-dimensional in the spatial variable / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/72-83
  • Manat A.M., Orumbayeva N.T. On one approximate solution of a nonlocal boundary value problem for the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony equation / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/84-92
  • Matin D.T., Akhazhanov T.B., Adilkhanov A. Compactness of Commutators for Riesz Potential on Local Morrey-type spaces / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/93-103
  • Omkar R., Lalu M., Phaneendra K. Numerical solution of differential  difference equations having an interior layer using nonstandard finite differences / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/104-115
  • Qureshi M.I., Malik S.H., Ahmad D. A family of definite integrals involving Legendre’s polynomials/ DOI 10.31489/2023M2/116-130
  • Seitmuratov A.Zh., Medeubaev N.K., Kozhoshov T.T., Medetbekov B.R. Boundary value problems of integrodifferential equations under boundary conditions taking into account physical nonlinearity / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/131-141
  • Tileubayev T.E. Generalized Hankel shifts and exact JacksonStechkin inequalities in L2/ DOI 10.31489/2023M2/142-159
  • Turgumbaev M.Zh., Suleimenova Z.R., Tungushbaeva D.I. On weighted integrability of the sum of series with monotone coefficients with respect to multiplicative systems / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/160-168
  • Yeshkeyev A.R., Yarullina A.R., Amanbekov S.M., Kassymetova M.T. On Robinson spectrum of the semantic Jonsson quasivariety of unars / DOI 10.31489/2023M2/169-178


  • In memory of the talented mathematician, our comrade and friend Krasnov Yakov Alexandrovich (1951–2023)