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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Mathematics series. № 1(109)/2023

Download the full version of the Journal / DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2023-109-1

  • Ashyralyev A., Sadybekov M. About the conference ICAAM 2022. Preface
  • Abdyldaeva E.F., Kerimbekov A.K., Zhaparov M.T. On the solvability of a nonlinear optimization problem with boundary vector control of oscillatory processes / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/5-13
  • Adiguzel H., Can E. Asymptotic behavior of solutions of sum-difference equations / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/14-23
  • Aripov M.M., Utebaev D., Kazimbetova M.M., Yarlashov R.Sh. On convergence of difference schemes of high accuracy for one pseudo-parabolic Sobolev type equation / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/24-37
  • Ashyralyev A., Ashyralyyev A., Abdalmohammed B. On the hyperbolic type differential equation with time involution/ DOI 10.31489/2023M1/38-47
  • Ashyralyev A., Ashyralyyev C., Ahmed A.M.S. Numerical solution of the boundary value problems for the parabolic equation with involution / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/48-57
  • Buranay S.C., Arshad N. Solution of heat equation by a novel implicit scheme using block hybrid preconditioning of the conjugate gradient method / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/58-80
  • Hezenci F., Sozen Y. A remark on Schottky representations and Reidemeister torsion / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/81-93
  • Kurina G.A., Kalashnikova M.A. Minimizing sequences for a linear-quadratic control problem with three-tempo variables under weak nonlinear perturbations / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/94-109
  • Mardanov M.J., Sharifov Y.A. An optimal control problem for the systems with integral boundary conditions / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/110-123
  • Salim S.H., Jwamer K.H.F., Saeed R.K. Solving Volterra-Fredholm integral equations by natural cubic spline function / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/124-130
  • Sinsoysal B., Rasulov M., Iskenderova R. Numerical method to solution of generalized model Buckley-Leverett in a class of discontinuous functions / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/131-140
  • Tokmagambetova T.D., Orumbayeva N.T. On one solution of a periodic boundary value problem for a hyperbolic equations / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/141-155
  • Yakar A., Kutlay H. Extensions of some differential inequalities for fractional integro-differential equations via upper and lower solutions / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/156-167
  • Yücel M., Muhtarov F.S., Mukhtarov O.Sh. Generalized differential transformation method for solving two-interval Weber equation subject to transmission conditions / DOI 10.31489/2023M1/168-176