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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Mathematics series. № 2(106)/2022

Download the full version of the Journal / DOI: 10.31489/2518-7929/2022-106-2

  • Aldanov Y.S., Toleuov T.Zh., Tasbolatuly N. Approximate solutions of the Riemann problem for a two-phase flow of immiscible liquids based on the Buckley--Leverett model / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/4-17
  • Ashurov R.R., Fayziev Yu.E. On the nonlocal problems in time for subdiffusion equations with the Riemann-Liouville derivatives / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/-18-37
  • Askhabov S.N. On a second-order integro-differential equation with difference kernels and power nonlinearity / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/38-48
  • Attaev A.Kh. Boundary control problem for a hyperbolic equation loaded along one of its characteristics / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/49-58
  • Balkizov Zh.A., Guchaeva Z.Kh., Kodzokov A.Kh. Inner boundary value problem with displacement for a second order mixed parabolic-hyperbolic equation / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/59-71
  • Dauitbek D., Nessipbayev Y., Tulenov K. Examples of weakly compact sets in Orlicz spaces / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/72-82
  • Efendiev B.I. An analogue of the Lyapunov inequality for an ordinary second-order differential equation with a fractional derivative and a variable coefficient / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/83-92
  • Fedorov V.E., Godova A.D., Kien B.T. Integro-differential equations with bounded operators in Banach spaces / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/93-107
  • Gadzova L.Kh. Generalized boundary value problem for a linear ordinary differential equation with a discretely distributed fractional differentiation operator / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/108-116
  • Jenaliyev M.T., Kassymbekova A.S., Yergaliyev M.G., Assetov A.A. An initial boundary value problem for the Boussinesq equation in a Trapezoid / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/117-127
  • Kozhanov A.I., Abulkayirov U.U., Ashurova G.R. Inverse problems of determining coefficients of time type in a degenerate parabolic equation / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/128-142
  • Mamchuev M.O. Boundary value problem for a system of partial differential equations with the Dzhrbashyan--Nersesyan fractional differentiation operators / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/143-160
  • Mazhgikhova M.G. Steklov problem for a linear ordinary fractional delay differential equation with the Riemann-Liouville derivative / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/161-171
  • Yeshkeyev A.R., Ulbrikht O.I., Yarullina A.R. Existentially positive Mustafin theories of S-acts over a group / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/172-185
  • Yuldashev T.K., Kadirkulov B.J., Mamedov Kh.R. On a mixed problem for Hilfer type differential equation of higher order / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/186-201
  • Zunnunov R.T., Ergashev A.A. A problem with shift for a mixed-type model equation of the second kind in an unbounded domain / DOI 10.31489/2022M2/202-207