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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Mathematics series. № 3(103)/2021

Download the full version of the Journal DOI: 10.31489/2518-7929/2021-103-3


  • Bitimkhan S., Alibieva D.T. Partial best approximations and the absolute Cesaro summability of multiple Fourier series / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/4-12
  • Davoodi S.M., Abdul Rahman N.A. Solving fully fuzzy linear programming problems by controlling the variation range of variables / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/13-24
  • Hasan H.M., Ahmed D.F., Hama M.F., Jwamer K.H.F. Central Limit Theorem in View of Subspace Convex-Cyclic Operators / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/25-35
  • Ibrayeva A.A., Ibraev Sh.Sh., Yeshmurat G.K. Cohomology of simple modules for $\mathfrak sl _3(k)$ in characteristic~$3$ / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/36-43
  • Imanbaev N.S., Kurmysh Ye. On zeros of an entire function coinciding with exponential typequasi-polynomials, associated with a regular third-order differential operator on an interval / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/44-53
  • Jetpisbayeva A.E., Jumabayeva A.A. Upper Estimates of the angle best approximations of generalized Liouville-Weyl derivatives / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/54-67
  • Nazarova K.Zh., Usmanov K.I. Unique solvability of boundary value problem for functional differential equations with involution / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/68-75
  • Parasidis I.N., Providas E. Factorization method for solving nonlocal boundary value problems in Banach space. / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/76-86
  • Qureshi M.I., Majid J., Bhat A.H. Summation of some infinite series by the methods of Hypergeometric functions and partial fractions. / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/87-95
  • Roy B., Noiri T. Applications of operations on generalized topological spaces / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/96-104
  • Saghali S., Saei F.D., Javidi M., Rad M.J. Analytical solution of a fractional differential equation in the theory of viscoelastic fluids / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/105-116
  • Tarasova O.A., Vasilyev A.V., Vasilyev V.B. On Discrete Solutions for Elliptic Pseudo-Differential Equations / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/117-123
  • Yeshkeyev A.R., Issayeva A.K., Shamatayeva N.K. On atomic and algebraically prime models obtained by closure of definable sets / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/124-130
  • Yessenbayeva G.A., Yessenbayeva G.A., Kasimov A.T., Syzdykova N.K. On the boundedness of the partial sums operator for the Fourier series in the function classes families associated with harmonic intervals / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/131-139
  • Yuldashev T.K., Kadirkulov B.J., Marakhimov A.R. On a Hilfer Type Fractional Differential Equation with Nonlinear Right-Hand Side / DOI 10.31489/2021M3/140-155