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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Mathematics series. № 2(102)/2021

Download the full version of the Journal DOI: 10.31489/2518-7929/2021-102-2


  • Ashyralyev A., Sadybekov M. Recent advances in PDE and their applications. Preface
  • Ashyralyev A., Erdogan A.S. Parabolic time dependent source identification problem with involution and Neumann condition /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/5-15
  • Ashyralyev A., Ashyralyyeva M., Batyrova O. On the boundedness of solution of the second order ordinary differential equation with damping term and involution /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/16-24
  • Ashyralyev A., Ibrahim S., Hincal E. On stability of the third order partial delay differential equation with involution and Dirichlet condition /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/25-34
  • Ashyralyev A., Urun M. On the Crank-Nicolson difference scheme for the time-dependent source identification problem /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/35-44
  • Ashyralyyev C., Akyuz G. On fourth order accuracy stable difference scheme for a multi-point overdetermined elliptic problem /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/45-53
  • Cavusoglu S., Mukhtarov O. Sh. A new finite difference method for computing approximate solutions of boundary value problems including transition conditions /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/54-61
  • Kanetov B.E., Baidzhuranova A.M. Paracompact-type mappings /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/62-66
  • Kerimbekov A., Ermekbaeva A.T., Seidakmat kyzy E. On the solvability of the tracking problem in the optimization of the thermal process by moving point controls /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/67-73
  • Mardanov M.J., Mammadov R.S., Gasimov S.Yu., Sharifov Ya.A. Existence and uniqueness results for the first-order non-linear impulsive integro-differential equations with two-point\; boundary\; conditions /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/74-83
  • Muradov F.Kh. Ternary semigroups of topological transformations /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/84-91
  • Mustapha U.T., Hincal E., Yusuf A., Qureshi S., Sanlidag T., Muhammad S.M., Kaymakamzade B., Gokbulut N. Transmission dynamics and control strategies of COVID-19: a modelling study /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/92-105
  • Mustapha U.T., Sanlidag T., Hincal E., Kaymakamzade B., Muhammad S.M., Gokbulut N. Modelling the effect of horizontal and vertical transmissions of HIV infection with efficient control strategies /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/106-114
  • Sinsoysal B., Rasulov M., Yener O. Grid method for solution of 2D Riemann type problem with two discontinuities having in initial condition /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/115-128
  • Utebaev D., Utepbergenova G.Kh., Tleuov К.О. On convergence of schemes of finite element method of high accuracy for the equation of heat and moisture transfer /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/129-141
  • Yildirim O., Caglak S. On the Lie symmetries of the boundary value problems for differential and difference sine-Gordon equations /DOI 10.31489/2021М2/142-153