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Bulletin of the Karaganda university
Mathematics series. № 2(98)/2020

Download the full version of the Journal /DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2020-98-2


  • Akhmanova D.M., Shamatayeva N.K., Kasymova L.Zh. On boundary value problems for essentially loaded parabolic equations in bounded domains / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/6-14
  • Akysh A.Sh. (Akishev). The Cauchy problem for the Navier-Stokes equations / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/15-23
  • Balkizov Zh.A., Guchaeva Z.Kh., Kodzokov A.Kh. The first with displacement problem for a third-order parabolic-hyperbolic equation and the effect of inequality of characteristics as data carriers of the Tricomi problem / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/24-39
  • Bitimkhan S., Alibieva D.T. Generalization of one theorem of F.Riesz to some other spaces / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/40-45
  • Bukanay N.U., Mirzakulova A.E., Dauylbayev M.K., Konisbayeva K.T. A boundary jumps phenomenon in the integral boundary value problem for singularly perturbed differential equations / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/46-58
  • Cakmak Ali, Yayl Yusuf. On the parallel surfaces of the non-developable surfaces / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/59-68
  • Jenaliyev M.T., Ramazanov M.I., Assetov A.A. On Solonnikov-Fasano problem for the Burgers equation / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/69-83
  • Keldibekova A.B. Solvability of a semi-periodic boundary value problem for a third order differential equation with mixed derivative / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/84-99
  • Kosmakova M.T., Romanovski V.G., Akhmanova D.M., Tuleutaeva Zh.M., Bartashevich A.Yu. On~the~solution to a two-dimensional boundary value problem of heat conduction in a degenerating domain / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/100-109
  • Muratbekov M.B., Igisinov S.Zh., Musilimov B.M., Makulbekova R.R. On the spectral properties of a class of high-order differential operators with operator coefficients / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/110-124
  • Sartabanov Zh.A., Zhumagaziyev A.Kh., Abdikalikova G.A. Multiperiodic solution of linear hyperbolic in the narrow sense system with constant coefficients / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/125-140
  • Tasmambetov Zh.N., Issenova A.A. Bessel functions of two variables as solutions for systems of the second order differential equations / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/141-152
  • Tasmambetov Zh.N., Ubayeva Zh.K. Solution of inhomogeneous systems for differential equations in private derivatives of the third order / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/153-164
  • Yeshkeyev A.R. Model-theoretical questions of the Jonsson spectrum / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/165-173
  • Yeshkeyev A.R., Mussina N.M. The hybrids of the ∆-PJ theories / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/174-180


  • Ashirbayev N.K., Ashirbayeva Zh.N, Shomanbayeva M.T., Altynbekov Sh.E. Wave field in a strip with symmetric located holes / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/181-188


  • Kyrylovych V.A., Dimitrov L.V., Melnychuk P.P., Belskiy D.G., Shadura V.A., Savkiv V.B., Kryzhanivska I.V. Fuzzy Multi-criteria Selection of Alternatives by Quasi-best Case as the Basis for Choosing Robotic Machine-Assembling Technologies / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/189-203
  • Rakisheva D.S., Modin I. N., Mukanova B.G. Mapes of secondary sources in the problem of ERT probing 2D medium: numerical method and analytical solutions / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/204-213
  • Shmygaleva T.A., Konysbayeva A.A. Development of an algorithm for calculating the concentration of radiation defects during ion irradiation / DOI 10.31489/2020M2/214-222