Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Mathematics series. №2019-94-2

Download the full version of the Journal DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2019-94-2


  • A.Sh. Akysh (Akishev) Splitting method and the existence of a strong solution of the Navier-Stokes equations DOI 10.31489/2019M2/8-14
  • B. Bayraktar, V.Ch. Kudaev Some new integral inequalities for (s, m)-convex and (α, m)-convex functions DOI 10.31489/2019M2/15-25
  • Sadulla Z. Jafarov Best trigonometric approximation and modulus of smoothness of functions in weighted grand Lebesgue spaces DOI 10.31489/2019M2/26-32
  • B.T. Kalimbetov, V.F. Safonov Integro-differentiated singularly perturbed equations with fast oscillating coefficients DOI 10.31489/2019M2/33-47
  • M.T. Kosmakova, D.M. Akhmanova, Zh.M. Tuleutaeva, L.Zh. Kasymova On a pseudo-Volterra nonhomogeneous integral equation DOI 10.31489/2019M2/48-55
  • K.N. Ospanov, Zh.B. Yeskabylova Conditions of coercive solvability of third-order differential equation with unbounded intermediate coefficientsDOI 10.31489/2019M2/56-69
  • Zh.A. Sartabanov, B.Zh. Omarova On multi-periodic solutions of quasilinear autonomous systems with an operator of differentiation on the Lyapunov’s vector field DOI 10.31489/2019M2/70-83
  • A.R. Yeshkeyev, A.K. Issaeva, N.M. Mussina The atomic definable subsets of semantic model DOI 10.31489/2019M2/84-91
  • A.R. Yeshkeyev, M.T. Omarova, G.E. Zhumabekov The J-minimal sets in the hereditary theories DOI 10.31489/2019M2/92-98


  • M.V. Babii, V.O. Nastasenko, V.O. Protsenko, D.O. Zinchenko Justification of the dependencies for calculating gripping forces of multifaceted unresharpenable plates in the holder of a cutoff tool at their lateral installation DOI 10.31489/2019M2/99-105
  • M.M. Bukenov, A.A. Adamov, Y.M. Mukhametov Two-dimensional thermo-viscoelastic waves in layered media DOI 10.31489/2019M2/106-114
  • G.A. Yessenbayeva, F.M. Akhanov, T.Kh. Makazhanova On the calculation of rectangular plates by the trigonometric series DOI 10.31489/2019M2/115-120


  • M.U. Bayeshova, A.M. Omarov Digitalization of healthcare system of Kazakhstan DOI 10.31489/2019M2/121-128
  • K.T. Iskakov, B.G. Mukanova, A.S. Berdyshev, A.S. Kembay, D.K. Tokseit Mathematical modeling of the source and environment response for the equation of geoelectrics DOI 10.31489/2019M2/129-140
  • B.K. Shayakhmetova, T.L. Ten, G.D. Kogay, Sh.E. Omarova Models of interaction of cryptography and chaotic dynamics DOI 10.31489/2019M2/141-148
  • D.A. Zinchenko, A.V. Akimov, M.V. Babii The usage of the method of mathematical statistics in the process of optimization of the content of antifriction composite materials DOI 10.31489/2019M2/149-159