Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Mathematics series. №2019-93-1

Download the full version of the Journal DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2019-93-1


  • D.M. Akhmanova, K.E. Kervenev, A.M. Baltabayeva On singular integral equations with variable limits of integration DOI 10.31489/2019M1/8-18
  • M.T. Jenaliyev, M.I. Ramazanov, M.T. Kosmakova, A.O. Tanin To the solution of one pseudo-Volterra integral equation DOI 10.31489/2019M1/19-30
  • M. Muhtarov, A.H. Kalidolday On solving a linear control problem DOI 10.31489/2019M1/31-35
  • M.B. Muratbekov, M.M. Muratbekov On the bounded invertibility of a Schr¨odinger operator with a negative parameter in the space L2(Rn) DOI 10.31489/2019M1/36-47
  • O. Ozer , D. Bellaouar Some results on a special type of real quadratic fields DOI 10.31489/2019M1/48-58
  • N.T. Orumbayeva, A.B. Keldibekova On the solvability of the duo-periodic problem for the hyperbolic equation system with a mixed derivative DOI 10.31489/2019M1/59-71
  • M.T. Kosmakova, D.M. Akhmanova, S.A. Iskakov, Zh.M. Tuleutaeva, L.Zh. Kasymova Solving one pseudo-Volterra integral equation DOI 10.31489/2019M1/72-77
  • M.I. Tleubergenov, D.T. Azhymbaev Stochastical problem of Helmholtz for Birkhoff systems DOI 10.31489/2019M1/78-87
  • A.R. Yeshkeyev, A.K. Issayeva V-cl-atomic and prime sets DOI 10.31489/2019M1/88-94
  • A.R. Yeshkeyev, M.T. Omarova Central types of convex fragments of the perfect Jonsson theory DOI 10.31489/2019M1/95-101
  • G.A. Yessenbayeva, А.N. Yesbayev, H. Poppell On the inequality of different metrics for trigonometric polynomials DOI 10.31489/2019M1/102-107


  • R.B. Baimakhan, A.R. Baimakhan, Z.M. Abdiakhmetova,A.A. Seynasinova, G.M. Baimakhanova Generalization of Tsytovich strength conditions for soils of anisotropic structure DOI 10.31489/2019M1/108-114
  • K.B. Begaliyeva, M.T. Arshidinova, E. Arynov,A.K. Kudaykulov, A.A. Tashev, The energy method for solving a nonlinear problem of thermoelasticity for arod of variable cross section DOI 10.31489/2019M1/115-120
  • S.K. Matveev, N.Zh. Jaichibekov, B.S. Shalabayeva, D. Zhussupova Two-dimensional calculations of stratified turbulent flow in a pipe DOI 10.31489/2019M1/121-128
  • S. Pylypaka, M. Klendii, V. Trokhaniak Particle motion over a plane, which rotates about a horizontal axis and makes a certain angle with it DOI 10.31489/2019M1/129-139
  • М.О. Kenzhebayeva Comparison the readings of gravity field and it‘s gradient potential DOI 10.31489/2019M1/140-145
  • S.V. Voronenko Research of possibilities of characteristics and parameters increase of asynchronous machines DOI 10.31489/2019M1/146-153
  • G.A. Yessenbayeva, D.N. Yesbayeva, N.K. Syzdykova, I.A. Akpanov On the calculation of rectangular plates by the collocation method DOI 10.31489/2019M1/154-159