Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Mathematics series. №2018-91-3

Download the full version of the Journal DOI: 10.31489/2518-7929/2018-91-3


  • Vasilyev V.B. On some approximate calculations for certain pseudo-differential equations DOI 10.31489/2018M3/9-16
  • Ashyralyev Ch., Ozturk B. Some approximations of second order derivatives complex-valued functions DOI 10.31489/2018M3/17-23
  • Koshanov B.D., Soldatov A.P. On the solvability of the boundary value problems for the elliptic equation of high order on a plane DOI 10.31489/2018M3/24-30
  • Erdogan A.S., Kusmangazinova D., Orazov I., Sadybekov M.A. On one problem for restoring the density of sources of the fractional heat conductivity process with respect to initial and final temperatures DOI 10.31489/2018M3/31-44
  • Kalmenov T.Sh., Arepova G.D. A criterion for the existence of soliton solutions of telegraph equation DOI 10.31489/2018M3/45-52
  • Kritskov L.V., Sadybekov M.A., Sarsenbi A.M. Nonlocal spectral problem for a second-order differential equation with an involution DOI 10.31489/2018M3/53-60
  • Popov T.P. New singular solutions for the (3+1)-D Protter problem DOI 10.31489/2018M3/61-68
  • Ashyralyeva M.A., Ashyralyev M. On the numerical solution of identification hyperbolic-parabolic problems with the Neumann boundary condition DOI 10.31489/2018M3/69-74
  • Tapdigoglu R., Torebek B.T. Inverse source problems for a wave equation with involution DOI 10.31489/2018M3/75-82
  • Hincal E., Sayan M., Baba I.A., Sanlidag T., Saad F.T., Kaymakamzade B. Dynamics of HIV-1 infected population acquired via different sexual contacts route: a case study of Turkey DOI 10.31489/2018M3/83-88
  • Ashyralyev A., Emharab F. Identification hyperbolic problems with the Neumann boundary condition DOI 10.31489/2018M3/89-98
  • Ashyralyev A., Hamad A. Numerical solution of the nonlocal boundary value problem for elliptic equations DOI 10.31489/2018M3/99-107
  • Ashyralyev A., Gercek O., Zusi E. A note on the second order of accuracy difference scheme for ellipticparabolic equations in H¨older spaces DOI 10.31489/2018M3/108-116
  • Sarsenbi A.A. Unconditional basicity of eigenfunctions’ system of Sturm-Liouville operator with an involutional perturbation DOI 10.31489/2018M3/117-127