Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Mathematics series. №2018-90-2

Download the full version of the Journal DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2018-90-2


  • Adilkhanov A.N., Baituyakova Zh.Zh., Matin D.T. Strong approximation of Fourier series on generalized periodic Morrey spaces DOI 10.31489/2018M2/8-17
  • Ashirbayev N., Ashirbayeva Zh., Sultanbek T., Shomanbayeva M. Waves of elastic stresses in the doublyconnected domain DOI 10.31489/2018M2/18-24
  • Assanova A.T., Imanchiyev A.E. On the unique solvability of a family of multipoint-integral boundary value problems for a third order differential equation DOI 10.31489/2018M2/25-33
  • Balkizov Zh.A. The first boundary value problem with deviation from the characteristics for a secondorder parabolic-hyperbolic equation DOI 10.31489/2018M2/34-42
  • Bitimkhan S. Hardy-Littlewood theorem for series with general monotone coefficients DOI 10.31489/2018M2/43-48
  • Imanbaev N.S., Kanguzhin B.E. On spectral question of the Cauchy-Riemann operator with homogeneous boundary value conditions DOI 10.31489/2018M2/49-55
  • Jenaliyev M.T., Amangaliyeva M.M., Imanberdiyev K.B., Ramazanov M.I. On a stability of a solution of the loaded heat equation DOI 10.31489/2018M2/56-71
  • Jenaliyev M.T., Amangaliyeva M.M., Imanberdiyev K.B. On the ill-posed problem for the Poisson equation DOI 10.31489/2018M2/72-79
  • Bokayev N.A., Goldman M.L., Karshygina G.Zh. Some integral estimates for functions related to the cones of functions with monotonicity conditions DOI 10.31489/2018M2/80-87
  • Kassymetova M.T. Pregeometry on the subsets of Jonsson theory’s semantic model DOI 10.31489/2018M2/88-92
  • Kazhikenova S.Sh., Ramazanov M.I., Khairkulova A.A., Shaikhova G.S. "-Approximation of the temperatures model of inhomogeneous melts with allowance for energy dissipation DOI 10.31489/2018M2/93-100
  • Kulpeshov B.Sh., Sudoplatov S.V. On structures in hypergraphs of models of a theory DOI 10.31489/2018M2/101-112
  • Ulbrikht O.I. Forking and independence for fragments of Jonsson sets DOI 10.31489/2018M2/113-118
  • Urken G.A. Syntactic similarity of definable closures of Jonsson sets DOI 10.31489/2018M2/119-123


  • Dobrotvor I.G., Stukhlyak D.P., Buketov À.V., Mykytyshyn A.G., Zolotyi R.Z., Totosko O.V. Automation research of thermal and physical characteristics of particulate-filled epoxy composites DOI 10.31489/2018M2/124-132
  • Kudaibergenov M.K., Karchevsky A.L., Iskakov K.T. Stress-strain state horizontal coal seam of finite length DOI 10.31489/2018M2/133-142
  • Protsenko V.À., Babiy Ì.V., Nastasenko V.À. Mathematical modeling of the roller-rope coupling operation in misalignment conditions DOI 10.31489/2018M2/143-149
  • Yessenbayeva G.A., Yesbayeva D.N., Makazhanova T.Kh. On the calculation of a rectangular finite element of the plate DOI 10.31489/2018M2/150-156

    Reviews of selected topics

  • Roman’kov V.A. On the automorphism groups of relatively free groups of infinite rank: a survey DOI 10.31489/2018M2/157-162