Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Mathematics series. №2017-87-3

Download the full version of the Journal DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2017-87-3


  • Aitenova M.S., Iskakova G.Sh., Fazylov K.K. About upper bound of the distribution function DOI 10.31489/2017M3/8-12
  • Akishev G. Estimations of the best M-term approximations of functions in the Lorentz space with constructive methods DOI 10.31489/2017M3/13-26
  • Arinov E., Karipbaev S.Zh., Sartayev K.Z. Dynamic stress-strain state of a single-section manipulator DOI 10.31489/2017M3/27-32
  • Attaev A.Kh., Iskakov S.A., Ramazanov M.I. Boundary value problem for the fractional-loaded Lavrent’ev-Bitsadze equation DOI 10.31489/2017M3/33-42
  • Bakirova E.À., Kadirbayeva Zh.Ì., Tleulesova À.B. On one algorithm for finding a solution to a two-point boundary value problem for loaded differential equations with impulse effect DOI 10.31489/2017M3/43-50
  • Yeshkeyev A.R. About central types and the kosemanticness of the -PM fragment of the Johnson set DOI 10.31489/2017M3/51-58
  • Ospanov K.N., Bekjan T.N., Beisenova D.R. Coercive solvability conditions of an infinite system of difference equations with complex coefficients DOI 10.31489/2017M3/59-69
  • Yessenbayeva G.A., Yesbayeva D.N. Characterizations for the family of functions classes  Br p;q;N and their connection with Besov’s spaces DOI 10.31489/2017M3/70-75
  • Zhetpisov K., Karbenova N.G. Analytical and graphical methods for the solution of one problem of transport logistics DOI 10.31489/2017M3/76-82
  • Ibraev Sh.Sh. On the cohomology of the Jacobson-Witt algebra DOI 10.31489/2017M3/83-88
  • Iskakov K.T., Kussainova A.T., Khassenova Z.T. Algorithm of the numerical solution of the multidimensional inverse problem of electrodynamics DOI 10.31489/2017M3/89-94
  • Minglibayev M.Zh., Zhumabek T.M., Mayemerova G.M. Investigation of the restricted three-body problem in a special non-inertial central coordinate system DOI 10.31489/2017M3/95-108
  • Seytmuratov A.Zh., Nurlanova B.M., Medeubaev N.K. Equations of vibration of a two-dimensionally layered plate strictly based on the decision of various boundary-value problems DOI 10.31489/2017M3/109-116
  • Turusbekova U., Azieva G. The automorphism group of Poisson algebras on k [x; y] DOI 10.31489/2017M3/117-124