Bulletin of the Karaganda university

Mathematics series. №2016-84-4

Download the full version of the Journal DOI 10.31489/2518-7929/2016-84-4


  • Bakirova E.A., Iskakova N.B. An approach to the choice of the initial approximation of the solution of nonlinear boundary value problem for loaded differential equations DOI 10.31489/2016M4/8-17
  • Bokayev N.A., Burenkov V.I., Matin D.T. Sufficient conditions for pre-compactness of sets in the generalized Morrey spaces DOI 10.31489/2016M4/18-26
  • Buketov A.V., Kravtsova L.V., Bogdan A.P. Prediction of fracture samples of composite materials under the influence of cyclic loading DOI 10.31489/2016M4/27-34
  • Dzhumabaev D.S., Temesheva S.M. Bounded solution on the strip to a system of nonlinear hyperbolic equations with mixed derivatives DOI 10.31489/2016M4/35-45
  • Yeskermessuly A. Investigation of the deficiency indices of the minimum two-term fourth-order differential operator with irregular coefficientsa DOI 10.31489/2016M4/46-51
  • Yeshkeyev A.R. The property of independence for Jonsson sets DOI 10.31489/2016M4/52-56
  • Yeshkeyev A.R. Some properties of Morly rank over Jonsson sets DOI 10.31489/2016M4/57-62
  • Zenkov A.V. Views and plexus m-group DOI 10.31489/2016M4/63-69
  • Kabenov D., Muratkhan R., Golenkov V. Methods of creation of intellectual knowledge evaluation system, students in natural language DOI 10.31489/2016M4/70-79
  • Kosmakova M.T., M.I. Ramazanov, Tokesheva A.S., Khairkulova A.A. On the non-uniqueness of solution to the homogeneous boundary value problem for the heat conduction equation in an angular domain DOI 10.31489/2016M4/80-87
  • Kulzhumiyeva A.A., Sartabanov Zh.A. On reducibility of linear De-system with constant coefficients on the diagonal to De-system with Jordan matrix in the case of equivalence of its higher order one equation DOI 10.31489/2016M4/88-93
  • Minglibayev M.Zh., Mayemerova G.M., Imanova Zh.U. Secular perturbations in the three-body problem with masses changing non-isotropically at the different rates DOI 10.31489/2016M4/94-98
  • Mirzakulova A.E., Atakhan N. Construction of the solution of the boundary value problem for integro differential equation with a small parameter in the highest derivatives DOI 10.31489/2016M4/99-103
  • Musin A.T. Canonisation reper of complex of lines of three-dimensional flag space DOI 10.31489/2016M4/104-109
  • Roman’kov V.A. A polynomial algorithm for the braid double shielded public key DOI 10.31489/2016M4/110-115
  • Sultanov M.A., Koshanova M.D., Ustemirova B.B. În ill-posedness of the numerical inversion inverse problem of one-dimensional convolution DOI 10.31489/2016M4/117-123
  • Sultanov M.A., Bakanov G.B., Svetov I.E., Ustemirova B.B. A numerical algorithm for solving the inverse problem of determining the low permeability zone DOI 10.31489/2016M4/124-130
  • Turusbekova U.K., Azieva G.T. Quadratic poisson algebras on k [x; y; z] and their automorphisms DOI 10.31489/2016M4/131-138
  • Turmetov B.Kh., Usmanov K.I. On solvability of exterior boundary value problem with boundary operators of fractional order DOI 10.31489/2016M4/139-145
  • Toleugazy Ye. Embedding theorems, theorems of a trace and approach for anisotropic B q pr (Td) Nikol’skii- Besov spaces DOI 10.31489/2016M4/146-154